Destin Snapper Fishing

destin red snapper fishing

Destin snapper fishing is extremely fun and in many ways is a bit less challenging than other types of fishing, because it requires less equipment. Destin is rich with all types of snapper including red snapper, yellowtail snapper, vermillion snapper, red porgies, and other types.

Snapper is an extremely popular fish for eating, which helps explain why Destin snapper fishing is so popular. It is hunted by commercial fishermen to feed diners at Destin seafood restaurants, and is also a popular target for recreational fishermen and fishing charters.

We like to fish for snapper on reefs, in clear water with a swift current. We use all types of bait, but we find that live shrimp seem to work very well. The downside of this method is that the live shrimp drifting in the water are also popular for other types of fish.

In addition to reef fishing in Destin, we also find snapper schooling around wrecks. Wreck fishing in Destin is similar to reef fishing, although the area where fish congregate tends to be smaller and denser. Again, we have to fight with the same problems on a reef, which is that there are many types of fish and targetting a specific one can be difficult.

Our Destin fishing captains and mates are experts on snapper fishing and will help new and young anglers get acquainted with snapper fishing and will work with experienced anglers to hone their skills.