Destin Shark Fishing

destin shark fishingIf you aren't looking for the ordinary fishing charter in Destin you might one to check out some Destin shark fishing.  Right off the Emerald Coast in Destin we can find all different types of sharks Including Makos, Hammerheads, Bull, Reef and even Tiger Sharks.

There isn't a bigger adrenaline rush that doing a shark fishing charter in Destin.  Sharks might be one of the only animals above humans on the food chain.  In order to successfully catch a shark in Destin you need all of your fishing equipment in top working order.  There is no room for error once you hook one of these bad boys.

Our Destin fishing guides are experts in Shark fishing.  The success of a shark fishing trips relies heavily on adapting to the conditions of the Gulf and weather that particular day.  Depending on the tides and current the charter captain must position the boat correctly to effectively chum for Destin sharks.

All of our boats have top of the line high-end tackle and gear on board to increase the odds of landing your shark.  If reeling in a shark doesn't get your heart beating fast, nothing will!

Sharks in Destin

There are plenty of exciting sharks located directly off the coat of Destin.  Below are a few types that we catch on a regular basis in the Panhandle of Florida.

Hammerhead Shark Fishing in Destin

There are plenty of Hammerhead sharks off the Ermald Coast.  Hammerhead sharks go their name from the close resemblence of the shape of their head to a hammer.  They utilize the unique shape of their head to pray on the oceans bottom.  These sharks are some of the coolest looking fish in the Gulf of Mexico.  Most of the time we catch hammerhead sharks of the coast of Destin in the few hundred pound range but they can sometimes grow up to a thousand pounds.  We can catch hammerheads both during the day and at night.

Mako Shark Fishing in Destin

We typically find Mako sharks off the coast of Destin in a wide range from 150 meters up to the surface.  These sharks have perfectly evolved to become apex predators in the ocean.  It's hard for fish to escape a Mako shark attacking it at 30 miles per hour!  Makos typically feed on fish including mackeral, tuna, bonitas and even swordfish.  Mako sharks all have an impressive set of chompers.  Unfortunately the Mako shark population has been directly affected by commercial fishing but is beginning to recover.

Thresher Shark Fishing off the Coast of Destin

Thresher sharks are easily identified by their long tale which can be almost as long as the body of the shark.  In Destin thresher shark slash their tale at fish to stun their prey.  Another distinguishing characteristic of thresher shark is their short coned shaped head.  Thresher sharks tend to swim alone and not in packs.  Thresher sharks tend to inhabit the open ocean and are typically found it waters less than 500 meters deep.

Bull Shark Fishing in Destin

Bull Sharks are often associated with attacks on humans.  These beefy sharks inhabit the shallow waters off teh coast of Destin and eat just about anything.  Bull sharks one of the only sharks that live in both fresh and saltwater.  The bull shark got its name from it's robust and stocky build, flat snout and erratic behavior.  In some locations where most sharks are off limits to kill often times anglers are allowed to kill these sharks specifically.