Destin Sailfish Fishing

destin sailfish fishing

Sailfish in Destin

Sailfish is another bill-fish that we love fishing for off the coast of Destin.  Sailfish get their name from the accordion like sail that runs along their back.  Destin Sailfish tend to keep their sail folded most of the time but often erect it when they are threatened or excited.  They also use their sail to herd bait fish in to a tight school  Another unique characteristic of sailfish are there long bills used to slash their pray and injure them.

Destin Sailfish Fishing Techniques

Our Destin Sailfishing charters have a tremendous amount of success with live baits.  Goggle eyes are the preferred bait for Sailfish fishing.  One technique that works well for Sailfishing in Destin is kite fishing.  Our charter boats fly kites above the water dangling live bait fish near the surface of the water.  Since Sailfish often feed near the surface of the water kite fishing becomes a very effective method of sailfishing.  Fishing charters in Destin can also catch Sailfish while trolling natural and dead baits.

Destin Sailfishing Charters

One of the most exciting parts of Sailfishing in Destin is watching them breach the water after they are hooked.  It's common for a sailfish to jump completely jump out of the water multiple times while reeling it in.  Sailfish are extremely fast fish and put up a good fight.  Once a Sailfish is caught off the coast of Destin we usually take a few quick pictures and release them since they are not edible fish.