Destin Marlin Fishing

destin marlin fishing

Destin Marlin Fishing

If you are looking for the ultimate fishing challenge in Destin try catching the elusive Destin Marlin.  Marlin fishing isn't for your every day tourist.  Since the 1930's Florida sport fisherman have been infatuated with catching these amazing creatures.  Ernest Hemingway made the Marlin famous when he wrote "Old Man and the Sea."  

Marlin Info

Male Blue Marlin in Destin can weigh up to 300 lbs where as female Blue Marlin can weigh as much as 1000 lbs.  Marlin can swim as fast as 60 miles per hour and eat a wide variety of foods from smaller file fish to large skipjack tunas and mackeral.  They are considered a type of billfish and the Blue Marlin is characterized by its blue back and white belly.

Blue Marlin Fishing In Destin

Blue Marlin are attracted to warmer water.  That is why we tend to find most Marlin in the Gulf Stream or other warm bodies of water.  We typically find Destin Marlin near bottom structures such as banks and sea mounts.  Here the water tends to have more nutrients which helps create a healthy food chain.  

Marlin fishing in Destin can be done with a variety of baits.  One of the most common choices of our Destin fishing guides is the artificial lure.  Typically they use a 7 to 12 inch lure with a plastic or metal head and plastic skirt.  Remember Marlin are very fast so we need to troll these baits at relatively high speeds around 8 to 15 knots.  Marlin in Destin have a hard time resisting the bubble trail that these lures give off when they are trolled behind the fishing charter boat.  Depending on the conditions natural baits such as rigged ballyhoo and Spanish mackeral can be very successful as well.  Live baiting with small tuna species can all be effective.