Destin Kingfish Fishing

destin kingfish fishing

Destin Kingfish Charters

Whether you book a 4 hour charter or a 12 hour fishing charter in Destin there is a good chance we'll catch some Kingfish.  Kingfish fishing is a good option in Destin because we are able to catch them relatively close to shore.  This makes kingfish a great target on our shorter trolling trips.  

About Destin Kingfish

Kingfish are a type of mackeral.  People often refer to them as king mackeral.  They usually range in size from small to medium sized.  Typically they weight from five to thirty pounds.  They have scaly body and are silver in color.  The Destin kingfish are known to migrate from the Texas coast in the Summer.  Although the locals don't typically eat kingfish in Destin there are some people who do.  This meat tends to be a little oily for most. 

Destin Kingfish Fishing Techniques

What makes kingfish fishing Destin particularly fun is there immense speed.  Their speed can rival that of the wahoo.  Kingfish in destin are most commonly caught while trolling live and dead baits.  It's important to use and rig the right kind of baits when fishing for destin kingfish because they typically bight the tail end baits.  Kingfish are also very particular about the way the bait is swimming behind the boat.  Our captains have been fishing for kingfish in Destin most of their lives and have mastered this skill.