Destin Grouper Fishing

destin grouper fishing

Grouper Fishing In Destin

Grouper fishing in Destin is one of the most popular types of fishing in the Panhandle of Florida.  Grouper are identified by their stocky bodies and large mouths.  Grouper in Destin are typically less than a 100 lbs, but have been documented as large as 500 lbs and are quite the challenge for anglers to real in from the depths of the Gulf of Mexico.  Destin fishing guides find grouper on the bottom of the Gulf and that's why we typically consider grouper fishing, "bottom fishing."  There are a variety of groupers off the coast of Destin including the gag grouper and goliath grouper.  Both can be caught on live and dead baits.  

An interesting fact about grouper is that they do not have any teeth on the edge of their jaws instead they have large tooth plates which help them crush prey.  Grouper suck their prey with their large jaws and swallow them whole.  There have even been reports of groupers fatally attacking humans. 

Eating Grouper in Destin

The flaky white meet of grouper makes it a popular entree at many restaurants in Destin Florida.  You can grill, fry and bake grouper.  Our personal favorite is fried grouper fingers.  Give us a call if you need recommendations on restaurants that serve this delicacy.

Best Time For Grouper Fishing in Destin

The best time to catch grouper off the coat of Destin is in the springtime when they are spawning.  Serious fisherman will travel 30 to 60 miles offshore to fish the rocks and coral reefs where this happens.  April and May is the perfect time to catch grouper although we can catch different kinds year round and closer to the coast.  We love dropping live baits like pin-fish right over wrecks and rocks and feeling the grouper inhale the bait.  Grouper in Destin are powerful fish and will give even the strongest anglers a nice challenge.